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Committed to our Integrated Management System (IMS) under a Corporate Social Responsibility framework.

Integrated Management System Policy:

Our organization offers logistics services with the backing of a highly committed management team, dedicated to support the continuous improvement of processes that encompass our Integrated Management System (quality, environment, international supply chain security, safety and health at work and for those that the organization subscribes).

Our Integrated Management System , has full support to develop all our activities with the firm purpose of: guaranteeing safety in each of the processes, providing safe and healthy working conditions, applying policies related to the safety of the organization and the supply chain, responsibly and effectively meeting the needs of our customers and stakeholders, rationally using natural resources, complying with our code of ethics, current legal regulations and the requirements subscribed by the organization. Identifying risk hazards through risk assessment to prevent and manage controls that mitigate threats that include: incidents, accidents, occupational diseases to avoid the deterioration of employee’s health, environmental impact, money laundering, drug trafficking, financing of terrorism, sabotage, smuggling, occasional damage or loss, intrusion, theft and any event that may jeopardize business continuity; Therefore, guaranteeing the commitment, consultation and participation of the organization's collaborators.of the organization's collaborators.


This policy applies to all interested parties, in all business units of  Gerleinco SAS . and Aras Ltda. nationwide .


Moral commitment to build transparent, reliable and lasting relationships with our suppliers, customers and workforce.


Continuous supervision of our processes to improve and strengthen our organizational structure, competitiveness and training of human talent.


Promote safe working environments for our employees, through the control and elimination of risks, prevention of accidents, occupational diseases and the implementation of rules and procedures that ensure adequate working conditions


Generate cultural consciousness with environmental effects, through the prevention of our environmental impact, the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction waste.


Control of procedures and promotion of preventive actions that mitigate risks in illicit activities and vulnerabilities that put our suppliers, customers and collaborators at risk.

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